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Little Dirk is like that annoying little brother that loves to literally scare the piss out of you but you can’t help loving him anyways.

Sorry for not updating much?? I’m in the middle of getting a second job and yeah.

I love the art on this blog and I think it is mega brave and awesome of you to run this. I'm super thankful it exists.

Thanks! Sometimes it’s hard to be brave. Thank Zee for giving me the push I needed to start drawing Homestuck ABDL art and for helping us to start this blog.

"i bet it's not actually fun at all" this prob sounds really weird but that line made me feel good. wetting is definitely my biggest kink but irl i am actually a stress wetter and when it happens it's not fun and is actually scary and embarrassing. when i've tried to talk about that problem with people for some reason they always want to ask me sexual questions about it and it makes me really uncomfortable so reading that made me feel a lot better for some reason. thank you /weird anon sorry

No problem, anon. It’s actually kind of cool to know that sometimes I can help people out a bit.

my hamsteak fanfic masterpiece


—chapter fuckin one—

dave is huge fuckin baby. he likes to suck on a paci and pee his fucking diapers. goddamn. so one day rose was over and they was gonna do some fuckin shit like. yo, did you know that she knows about his kinky shit. what happened was dave sent her a link once accidently like oH SHIT MY BAD and then she found out but she was weirdly randomly into that shit like who would have guessed it not me I mean come on am I fuckin right. so anyways she was over and she was gonna start doing the thing with him by that I mean fucking babying him because he liked that kinda shit because he was a kinky fuck ANYWAYS she knocked on the door. dave opened it. she walked inside. he closed the door. she said “dave ur a bby” and he was like “fuk off rose u dont know me” and she was like “but I do” and put a paci in his mouth and THATS WHEN HE FUCKIN MELTED boom instant fucking little space right there I mean that motherfucker was on the ground crying and shit it was so intense. dave had never felt this little in his fuckin life before it was insane. then rose was all “better put you in a DIAPER” and dave was like “nooo” but she did it anyways haha. so then dave was in a big poofy diaper. he looked down. there was the diaper. between his legs. right there. he could feel it. yeah. he put his hand down and squeezed the front of it. yeah it was a diaper.

then rose was all “we should go out to the park” and dave was like “NO LETS NOT” and she was like “but yeah” and he was all “but no” and so she took him upstairs where she had set up a full nursery while he wasn’t looking boom there it was with a crib and a toy chest and everything. he was like “damn” and she was like “yeah davey you like that” and he was like “no im not a fuckin baby” and she was like “yes you are” and he was like “k”.
SO ANYWAYS she got him dressed up in cute shorts and a more childish version of his tee shirt. Rose opened the dresser with an elegant, yet swift motion, suppressing the creaking of the wood by tilting the drawer basin slightly. Dave stood before her in trepidation, turning her previous words over in his mind. “Would she really?”. He contemplated her sly tone, trying to discern whether she would make good on her word. “nah fuck it probs not”. she fuckin pulled out a paci clip and cliped his paci on his shirt with it (fuckin revolutionary I know). then she took him by the hand and walked him downstairs. she put some cute sneakers on his feet, and tied them, stopping him when he tried to reach down for the laces. “lets go”. “fuck no”. “yes dave lets”. “ok”.

then they went outside.




This is a link to my ao3 story about Rose and Dave! It was inspired by that pastebin diaperstuck fic. (I’m Ticktock, also known as that one anon who asked for advice.)


Oh gosh, adorable. Posting for anyone else who’d like to give it a read!

microwaving diapers

oh my god gET OUT